Feb 5, 2015

The illusion of “Wild Dogs”


The “wild”dogs that feature in The Pack were from the Sydney-based dog training and obedience school, Guard Dog Training Centre.

The centre has an international reputation in the training of dogs. It has taken them to places such as Germany, Belgium and France, where they were involved with training Schutzen 3, FBI and IPO dogs.

Founded by Fred and Luana Osmani, the company has been operating 9the centre for more than 30 years at their western Sydney headquarters.

They have worked with government authorities (police dogs), major Australian companies and business professionals including doctors, veterinarians and sporting people.

The company’s film experience commenced with a Bollywood film shot in Australia, Fire of Love. – produced by the legendary Indian Producer, Feroz Khan and more recently on the Australian horror/thriller, The Pack.

 In The Pack, six long-haired German Shepherd dogs (all dyed black for their appearance in the film) were intensively trained over a three-month period to perform various actions. Such requirements included, jumping through a car window, pulling clothing from a wardrobe, wrestling people to the ground, slowly creeping towards camera as well as other actions associated with a “man versus animal” horror/thriller






"The Pack's" snarling dog